Friday, October 3, 2008

We keep losing foods - are lectins the reason?

Annabelle now has a problem with quite a few foods. Going out to a restaurant is quite an issue as she can't really eat any of the food and I have to take some with me - and a lot of places don't like it.

Issues now are: gluten, oats, A1 cheese, yoghurt and milk, almonds, cashews, tomatoes, capsicums, avocados, eggplant, potatoes, soybean oil, oranges.

Even going for a quick bite to eat is a nightmare. "Is it gluten free? Yes? lovely - Is it almond free and potato flour free? great. How about Cheese...?" And so the list goes on.

Oranges are the latest nasty food. The other day I had ordered her the only thing on the menu - a fresh fruit salad - made sure there was no yoghurt or cream - forgot about the oranges. There were three tiny pieces buried under some apple. And she ate them before I realised. Stomach pain, bloated tummy and several bouts of diarrhoea later I felt terribly guilty. I should start carrying a list.

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lynsey said...

Hi Katies mum,
have you checked out a web site by Arthur Devany, he advocate a neolithic diet cutting out all the foods your kids are allergic to. The only food, that your daughter is allergic to, that he doesn't suggest cutting out is oranges.
He does though suggest cutting out bread, read his blogg for the reasons.
I try to follow his suggestions as I come out in a very itchy rash if I eat too many proccessed foods.
I live in the Uk and I can get yoghurts from Jersey cows which have the A2 naturally, but they are very hard to find.
Hope this helps