Monday, September 17, 2007

Inside New Zealand Doco on food additives

Hooray for Inside NZ- what's really in our food! Finally some prime time exposure about this issue! It was I thought a well put together doco. It could have been very sensationalist but was quite restrained. Enough info to be the informative and a great place to start for the average kiwi!

I am keenly watching what is going on in the UK press - The Daily Mail, The Guardian, the Times, just to watch the big companies switching ingredients and ditching as many additives as possible!

I am hoping that this doco is the first in a long line of them. Trans fats next please!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Finally more details regarding the Southampton University study on food additives done for the FSA

Well at long last there are a few more details about the study being released. I am still longing to get my hands a full report. My friends and family in the UK tell me that it has made a big media splash yet again but so far down here in Godzone it remains quiet with attention focussed on the rugby of course!

I hear that supermarkets are pulling the 'nasties' from their own label products. So I guess the big name brands will follow. About time. Then hopefully our government will follow suit and I might actually be bale to go shoppping without having to read most labels.

How exciting!