Friday, October 3, 2008

We keep losing foods - are lectins the reason?

Annabelle now has a problem with quite a few foods. Going out to a restaurant is quite an issue as she can't really eat any of the food and I have to take some with me - and a lot of places don't like it.

Issues now are: gluten, oats, A1 cheese, yoghurt and milk, almonds, cashews, tomatoes, capsicums, avocados, eggplant, potatoes, soybean oil, oranges.

Even going for a quick bite to eat is a nightmare. "Is it gluten free? Yes? lovely - Is it almond free and potato flour free? great. How about Cheese...?" And so the list goes on.

Oranges are the latest nasty food. The other day I had ordered her the only thing on the menu - a fresh fruit salad - made sure there was no yoghurt or cream - forgot about the oranges. There were three tiny pieces buried under some apple. And she ate them before I realised. Stomach pain, bloated tummy and several bouts of diarrhoea later I felt terribly guilty. I should start carrying a list.