Friday, May 2, 2008

Food and nutrition is so important

I have been doing load of research since my last post. First an update:
Hubby is now dairy and gluten and soy free. But not celiac. He had the blood and stool test - and then a biopsy - which you can read about on his own blog . Annabelle had the tests too - but the results were negative even though she has a rash, stomach cramps and diarrhoea to boot if she has a hint of gluten!

Katie continues to react to any azo dyes and we stay as additive free as possible. Though she is fine with the gluten and dairy and soy.

So I have spent a lot of time examining tests, reactions and recipes. I am becoming quite an expert on the protein content of certain foods - and the potassium, sodium etc. And where to get lycopene if you can't eat tomatoes - like two in my family can't.

It made me realise that you really are what you eat. And some people can eat what they like without any effect. And others can't. I have read a lot of books and don't hold with the blood type theory. Though interestingly my husband is AB-. We are now busy looking at lectins and the possibility that him and daughter #2 have a lectin intolerance with most families. So he is on a strict diet and we are challenging him every few days with a new food for signs of intolerance.

Anyway there is a lot out there on the web about foods. But not a huge amount about lectin intolerance. It is a very new field. Meanwhile I shall be carefully balancing nutrition whilst waiting for the hospital dietitian's appointment. It's a good job I aren't working at the moment as I have time to research replacement foods.

I have also been looking at 'additive free' type blogs and I am a bit disappointed. I feel very behind - but we have been doing this for three years now and I thought there would be a lot of info out there. No-one seems to be talking nutrition. Disappointing.

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